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River Advice manages and operates a fleet over 45 passenger cruise ships under a combination of nautical, technical, hotel and catering management services. These services include everything from planning, financing, and supervising new ship constructions and refurbishments, to handling port services, vessel sales and chartering activities. River Advice can also provide insurance handling for all vessels.

River Advice’s fleet of river passenger vessels sail on most European Waterways, which means that our crew members have the opportunity to serve in new and exciting locations. At River Advice we make sure that all employees feel like they are part of one big family. After all, we want every single member of our staff to enjoy their experiences with us and to share in our continued success as the world’s largest management companies for river passenger ships. 

By working on a River Advice ship, employees are setting the course for their future success. Not only will employees enjoy the freedom and opportunity of traveling but they will gain valuable experience that will help them to excel in all of their endeavours. River Advice holds high standards for professionalism to ensure that employees have what it takes to achieve their dreams. Employees will also benefit from River Advice’s vast and well-established international network, which offers an impressive range of career opportunities.

1.2 Our clients

Few of our clients are listed below.

  • Avalon Waterways
  • Nicko cruises Flussreisen GmbH
  • Vantage Deluxe Travel
  • Reisebüro Mittelthurgau (Excellence ships)
  • Thurgau Travel
  • Gate 1 Travel

Sailing Season

The regular season lasts approx. from March until mid-November. The exact dates vary depending on which ship an employee is assigned.

Winter Season

Some ships cruise additionally during holiday season (Christmas and New Year’s cruises). The assignment for these ships will be done towards the end of each season. Employees’ wishes will be considered as much as possible.

Kick Off Meeting

Before beginning of the regular season, a Kick Off Meeting will be held. The presence of all Head of Departments and Night Auditors is required.

Food & Catering

Breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks are daily prepared for the employees. Meal times vary according to daily operations.


Hotel & Catering crew are working under a Cypriot contract for River Catering Ltd or Swiss contract for Josephine River Services Gmbh, subsidiaries of River Advice AG.


The amount of vacation days depends on the contract. In general, vacation can be taken during the season depending on ship´s operation.


Depending on the client/ship, the on board language is English or German.

Working hours!

Depending on sailing schedule, working hours vary. Breaks can be taken in accordance with daily operations.

           Min 10-12 Working hours/day (sometimes more) without having any day OFF/free day in a week. However you are collecting 6 vacation days per month what you can use during the season (paid vacation) and end of the season if you will have any leftover we will pay them out in money.

Crew members onboard only has hours breaks during a working day. E.g.: Waiters – breakfast/lunch/dinner service, between service time they have their break time. Cabin stewardess – Morning service until they finish all rooms, after public area cleaning and help in the Laundry, after break time and in the evening they have to be ready for the evening service


Most parts of the uniforms are provided by River Advice. Depending on clients, employees are asked to bring certain uniform parts on board with them.

Travel expenses

Expenses for travelling to the ship at the beginning of the season and travelling home at the end of season are paid by River Advice. As well any travel expenses regarding transfers from ship to ship during the season are paid by River Advice also.

River Advice is buying the candidates 1st ticket and last ticket during the season. We will send you flight arrangement when you have to reach the ship the first time and we will give you the ticket if you will finish the season with us. If you will go for vacation, you have to buy their own ticket (between Europe it is not such a big expenses)


For the duration of your contract you are insured for health, accident and social. Depending on your contract you are either insured in Switzerland or in France. The list of benefits will be given to you with your contract.


River Advice manages over 45 ships on European Rivers. For detailed list of fleet, please check our website: http://www.riveradvice.com/fleet


We do our best to assign couples on the same ship. Due to operational planning, River Advice cannot guarantee that at all times.


Laundry for private clothes and uniforms is provided onboard, free of charge.


The salary is transferred monthly to an online bank account from LeuPay. From there, the employee can transfer the money to any bank account of preference or withdraw cash with a provided MasterCard. You can find more information about Leupay on the website www.leupay.eu. We provide their bank card, they will get it onboard, however if they need money they have to withdraw it ashore/outside. We do not have ATM machine onboard. They will have the opportunity to go out almost every day, so it won’t be a problem

Employee accommodation

You will share one room with one or two of your colleagues. Every candidate have to share the room with another person (beds are upper and lower beds), internet is not provided onboard HOWEVER you can buy internet sticks in Germany, Austia, France… (lots of countries) which costs 20 euro in monthly basis and they will have unlimited internet. As the ship is sailing sometimes maybe the signal weaker, but still working. Breakfast/lunch/dinner and laundry for Uniform is provided onboard.

Crew mess

There is a crew mess and a separate part of the sun deck which is reserved for employees only. You can spend there your free time or breaks.


Smoking is only allowed off-duty and in designated areas. The on-board safety rules and regulations has to be obeyed.


Tips are at guests’ discretion and are distributed at the end of each cruise equally among all employees onboard


Duration of Contract

The contract is limited. Beginning and end of contract depends on the operation period of the assigned ship. The employee will be informed at the latest seven days prior to the actual commencement and end of employment. The winter season is planned separately.

Probation Period / Notice Period

The first two months are considered a probation period. During this period, the contract may be mutually terminated with adherence to a period of one week's notice. After the probation period, this contract can be terminated by either contractor in accordance with a period of one month's notice.

Travel Expenses

The journey to the place of work will be arranged after communication between employer and employee by either party. The employee will be reimbursed for any out of pocket travel expenses after successfully completing the probation period. Expenses for taxi rides or flights can only be claimed if previously arranged with the employer.


The salary will be paid monthly in Euros. The salary will be transferred to the employee’s personal LeuPay account at the employer’s cost at the end of each month, no later than the 5th working day of the following month.

Ships’ Regulations Manual and Code of conduct

Rules and regulations concerning expenses and other aspects of employment are detailed in the ships’ regulations manual and in the code of conduct, which are part of this contract.


The employee is obliged to wear and care for all uniform items provided by the employer. In case of resignation within the first four months after the commencement of contract, the employer has the right to deduct €/Euro 60.00 from the employee’s wages (€/Euro 450.00 from employees in leading positions).


The employee is liable for any damages suffered by the employer as a result of the negligence and/or breach of duty of care by the employee.

Embark on a new opportunity with River Advice. A career onboard one of River Advice's vessels is much different than working on land. Working on a

cruise ship is both versatile and exciting. Crew members get the chance to discover and experience new destinations, while working side-by-side with colleagues from all over the world. Crew members also get the opportunity to interact with passengers of various nationalities, making each day an unforgettable international experience.

At River Advice we believe that every passenger aboard one of our river cruise ships is entitled to a safe and enjoyable passage. We expect every crew member to demonstrate an unmatched level of professionalism on all waterways, so that passengers feel welcome and comfortable throughout the entirety of their travels with us. We believe that a great passenger experience begins with well-trained, friendly, and professional crew members.

“Working on a river cruise ship is one of the greatest experiences of my life because I getto experience the rivers of Europe. Many people can only dream about it but for me it is real” Maria Popescu, Bar waitress

“This is the first time for me to be away from my family, friends and working on a river vessel. I am very happy having chosen River Advice because of the professional team and environment that I found. It is the best experience I can recommend to anybody” Istvan Szabo, Utility

“This is my forth season with River Advice. The time I spent with this company I managed to improve my language, working and management skills. I am really proud to be part of River Advice family” Dimitar Petrov, Maitre´d



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